Bauner" designs modern ventilated facades with natural stone, employing a comprehensive approach
Ventilated stone facade
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The structure of a suspended ventilated stone facade
Among various materials used for finishing exterior walls, preference is given to natural stone for facades. Natural materials used for cladding can perfectly highlight the uniqueness and sophistication of a building, reflecting the style and preferences of its owner
  • Strength: Stone possesses high strength, making such facades durable and reliable.
  • Aesthetics: The natural texture and tones of stone give the facade an elegant and attractive appearance.
  • Weather resistance: Stone facades are resistant to moisture, ultraviolet rays, and other atmospheric factors.
  • Thermal insulation: Stone has good thermal insulation properties, helping to retain heat in the building.
  • Fire resistance: Stone facades have high fire resistance, which enhances the building's safety.
  • Ecological friendliness: Stone is a natural and environmentally friendly material, making it attractive for sustainable construction.
Resilience to environmental impact
Strength and wear resistance
Materials with safety and fire resistance
Ecological safety
Installation on walls with defects
Advantages of ventilated stone facades include
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Our Projects: Suspended Ventilated Stone Facade
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Features of Stone Installation for Facades
Original ventilated stone facades from Bauner are highly sought after by consumers. The installation of ventilated facades with stone cladding is carried out using a classic technology, based on principles that differ little from other methods of facade finishing.

The metal structure of the suspended ventilated facade, designed for cladding with natural materials, is attached to the building using special robust anchors. They consist of vertical guide elements with clamps (for fixing the corners of the facing panel) or clamping plates (for fixing the panels along their entire length). Each stone panel is processed on production equipment with cuts in the upper and lower

Administrative Buildings
Business Centers, Office Buildings
Shopping and Entertainment Complexes
Sports Facilities or Sports Complexes
Private Residential Sector
Food Service Buildings
Preschool Institutions
Residential and Public Buildings
Industrial Buildings and Facilities
Application Sphere of Stone
The stages of work with the client typically include
VF system kit
Commercial proposal
Signing the contract
Project works
The launch of the profile manufacturing process
Profile extrusion
Supply of ready-made products
Chief Installation and Author's Supervision
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