We offer solutions for ventilated facade systems to enhance the aesthetics and energy efficiency of buildings
Individual Approach
We understand that every project is unique. Therefore, we develop
ventilated facades that seamlessly integrate architecture and design of
your building.
Quality Comes First
We exclusively use high-quality materials and modern technologies to ensure
the durability and reliability of our facade systems.
Energey efficiency
Our ventilated facades help reduce heating and air conditioning costs, thereby providing economic benefits and reducing environmental impact.
About company
The company "Bauner" was founded five years ago with the ambitious goal of reforming the construction industry through innovations in facade technologies. Over these years, "Bauner" has evolved into one of the market leaders in the segment of ventilated facade systems, offering products that combine aesthetics, durability, and environmental friendliness.

From the very beginning, the company's founders emphasized quality and innovation. In developing its facade systems, "Bauner" has utilized the latest advancements in materials science and technologies, enabling the creation of unique solutions for modern construction. "Bauner" facades not only enhance the appearance of buildings but also contribute to improving their energy efficiency, creating comfortable living and working conditions
Bauner in figures
1 550 000 м2
85 employees
4000 м2
over 100
over 75
Numerous projects in large CIS countries have utilized our products in various types of buildings, ranging from residential to commercial and public structures
Our team consists of professionals with diverse skills and experience
We take pride in our diverse partner network, which includes over 50 reliable and long-term partners
In our company, we take pride in having over 4,000 square meters of modern and highly efficient warehouse facilities
We are proud to say that we have more than 100 successfully completed projects
The company's professional level is illustrated by large-scale projects completed throughout Kazakhstan. In particular:
The company's geography
RC Sat City
RC Bravo
RC Homeland
RC Anisa
RC Asylym
RC Sunland
RC Olymp
RC Qazaq eli
RC Inju Arena
RC EXPO Avenue
RC Atletik
RC Kompas North
RC Murager
RC Buqar Jyrau
RC Kulan
RC Sairam
RC Four Seasons
RC Bravo Family
RC View Park
RC Sardar
RC Inju Ansar
RC Burabai
RC Inju City
RC Sezim Qala
RC Mayak
RC Mayami
RC Dastur
RC Khan Plaza
RC Arunay
RC Expo new life
School ASTI
RC Sat City
Sat Towers
RC Lancashire
RC Altyn city
RC Crystal
RC Alatau city
RC Kargaly
RC Turan
RC Abai
Congress hall
RC Premiere
RC Satti
RC Oybek 2
Residential сomplex
We have also successfully implemented projects beyond the borders of the country
The advantages of the company
  • Developed dealer network nationwide
  • Manufacturing non-standard profiles of any complexity according to customer drawings
  • Full technical support for clients
  • Competitive price
  • Powder coating in the RAL system and wood grain decoration
  • The availability of our own BAUNER systems in stock as finished products
  • Turnkey project implementation" or "Turnkey project execution
  • Certificate of conformity" or "CT-KZ certificate
The key advantages of Bauner are:
Innovations in the field of ventilated facades
The pivotal moment in the company's history was the introduction of its own innovative ventilation system, which ensures an optimal microclimate between the facade and the building's wall, preventing condensation and mold formation while reducing heat loss. This became possible thanks to close collaboration with leading European research centers and the use of high-tech materials.

Throughout its years of operation, Bauner has maintained a commitment to environmental sustainability. The production of facades occurs with minimal impact on the environment, and the materials used are recyclable, aligning with modern requirements for sustainable development
The reputation of "Bauner" as a reliable partner and innovator in the field of building facade systems has been solidified through the successful completion of numerous significant projects both domestically and internationally. Each new project for "Bauner" is an opportunity to reaffirm its principles of quality and innovation, striving for continuous development and enhancement of its products. Today, "Bauner" continues to keep pace with the times, actively developing new products and improving existing ones to meet the challenges of modern construction and remain at the forefront of building innovations
Our partners
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