"Bauner" company carries out the installation of ventilated facades made of clinker tiles (brick-like) on a turnkey basis, starting from project development and ending with the delivery of the finished object to the Customer
Ventilated facade made of clinker tiles
RC Athletic city
The structure of a ventilated facade made of clinker tiles
"Bauner" offers its customers the best and most advanced - a ventilated facade system and clinker cladding for facades. By developing and implementing durable natural materials, the choice fell on clinker and its derivatives. The technology of manufacturing clinker facade cladding is based on natural clay subjected to high-temperature firing. This ensures the creation of perfect ceramics for external decoration
  • Energy-saving and sound-insulating properties;
  • Outstanding decorative qualities;
  • Resistance to environmental influences (mechanical, chemical, biological, atmospheric, and UV radiation);
  • High frost resistance, low water absorption, absolute non-flammability;
  • Dryness and microclimate indoors;
  • Seamless installation;
  • Possibility of quick component replacement;
  • Attractive appearance of buildings;
  • Much more economical than building brick walls with similar energy efficiency indicators;
  • Environmentally safe material, made from high-temperature clay grades
Prevention of building leakage/freezing, resistance to environmental influences
Durability and resistance to wear
Ease of maintenance during operation
Fire resistance, use of safe and non-combustible materials
Price-to-quality ratio
Installation on walls with damage
Environmental neutrality
Visual attractiveness
Advantages of a ventilated facade made of clinker tiles include:
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Our works: ventilated facade made of clinker tiles
RC Athletic city
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Manufacturing and installation of ventilated facade made of clinker tiles
When using its own modern equipment in economic activities, "Bauner" adheres to standard rules applied in facade construction. One of the key requirements is optimal plaster humidity, which should not exceed 4%.

It's essential to carefully select the adhesive mortar for clinker facade tiles, ensuring its frost resistance. The lathing framework is installed using standard methods, considering the tile dimensions, and guide rails are employed for this purpose. The standard gap between clinker tiles is 4-5 mm.
According to the technology, the strength of the laying is achieved by pre-soaking the tiles. Dry clinker absorbs moisture from the mortar during laying, enhancing its adhesion to this facing materia

Office buildings
Commercial centers, corporate complexes
Retail and entertainment complexes
Sports and recreational complexes
Private houses
Restaurants, cafes, canteens
Residential and communal buildings
Preschool establishments
Manufacturing facilities
The sphere of application of a ventilated facade made of clinker tiles includes
The stages of installation of a ventilated clinker facade include
  1. Installation of metal support brackets on the building walls: Brackets are mounted onto the building walls to provide a foundation for installing the load-bearing framework
  2. Fixing the insulation: Insulation is laid onto the load-bearing framework, helping to retain heat in the building and improve its energy efficiency
  3. Installation of the load-bearing framework: Metal profiles are attached to the brackets to create the load-bearing framework, which will serve as the base for attaching the clinker tiles.
  4. Cladding the framework with clinker tiles: Clinker tiles are attached to the load-bearing framework using special fastening elements. This stage completes the installation of the ventilated clinker facade, giving the building an attractive appearance and providing protection against external influences
The stages of work with the client typically include
VF system kit
Commercial proposal
Signing the contract
Project works
The launch of the profile manufacturing process
Profile extrusion
Supply of ready-made products
Chief Installation and Author's Supervision
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