The company's production
Alloys conforming to any international standards
Alloy of any international standards
Of any complexity according to customer's drawings
Assorted aluminum
We are among the domestic enterprises and manufacturers of aluminum profiles in the Republic of Kazakhstan. At the facilities of the company "BAUNER", equipped with modern and technological equipment, the following are produced:
LLP "Bauner" specializes in producing billets from aluminum alloys of all grades according to international standards, such as AD31, 6063. Our company's foundry production incorporates advanced German technologies, including a Bruker brand spectrometer
We are ready to bring your ambitious ideas to life. Our company specializes in manufacturing aluminum profiles of any complexity according to your drawings. Regardless of how complex or unique your requirements are, our specialists and modern equipment allow us to create aluminum profiles that meet the highest standards of quality and precision
The production of our Falcon1 plant: Is a Leading Manufacturer of Aluminum Materials

At our manufacturing plant, we specialize in producing a wide range of high-quality aluminum materials for various industries. Our plant is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and utilizes innovative technologies, enabling us to provide customers with high-quality products
The range of products:
Aluminum profiles:
Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP):
Aluminum Cylindrical Columns:
Galvanized Sheet Metal:
Our aluminum profile production line is equipped with modern extrusion presses and is capable of producing various profiles of different shapes and sizes, meeting the individual requirements of our clients
We manufacture lightweight and durable aluminum composite panels that are widely used in construction and interior design
Our production line for galvanized sheet metal ensures a high degree of corrosion protection and resistance to external factors, making it an ideal material for construction and other applications
We also produce aluminum cylindrical columns using high-performance casting equipment, ensuring high strength and durability of our products
We also specialize in aluminum profile systems, providing a wide range of services in the design and production of aluminum systems for various construction and architectural projects. Aluminum profile systems are widely used in modern construction and design due to their lightweight, strength, durability, and the ability to create stylish and contemporary architectural solutions.
Aluminum profile systems for transparent enclosing structures.
Technical project support
Architectural solutions
Individual approach
We understand that each project is unique, so we are ready to approach your needs individually. Our engineers and production specialists work closely with you to ensure that all details and specifications of your project are met
We take pride in our high quality standards, innovative approach to production, and commitment to meeting the needs of our customers
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